2016 Project Life//Week 3

I’m back again for a #pocketpagethursday – I am really loving how this challenge is keeping me accountable. Are you joining in?

Here is my week 3





And that is all for today!

Supplies: Embellishments from the Color Cast Design shop | Journal Cards from In a Creative Bubble | Number Stamps from Kellie Stamps



Project Life//Week 22

Happy Wednesday! I am sorry about the blog hiatus. No other excuse than life has been super busy!

Today I am sharing week 22 of Project Life®. I am still all over the place on my Project Life. I started the year doing monthly and that wasn’t working so I switched back to weekly and I am not loving that now. I am really going to sit and think this thru. What is your approach? My 2015 album is going to be fun for future generations…it is going to be all over the place. And I am ok with that!

So here is week 22…I did this spread for the One Little Bird creative team with her new Frolic line. I adore it! Such beautiful colors and sayings.


I also used my fuse to make the upper right pocket with the 2 triangles and wood veneer stars. For me, the fuse is taking a bit to get down. I am either not letting it get hot enough or it is too hot. Practice makes perfect! I went thru 3 page protectors “practicing” on this spread. Opps!


I used a few bits from the Ali Edwards Story kits and some of my new Acrylic ABC’S on this side. And can I just point out that amazingly cute puppy (yes, I said puppy). That is my nephew doggie, Lincoln. He is one big ball of love!!!


That is all! I hope you enjoyed my spread. Have a great rest of your week!




Around Here//January Edition

 I have decide with my monthly Project Life theme to include a monthly “Around Here” list and a “Currently” list. I think that this will give a good overview to our lives each month. I am so excited about the changes I am making for my 2015 album. I have done Project Life for so many years, I am excited to shake things up a bit.

2015-01-07 12.43.18

Around Here The weather is all over the place. Sixty’s for highs one day and then teens and snow and ice the next.

Around Here I am feeling super excited that it is Thursday which means that there is only one more sleep until my girls come home to our house. I am ready to hear their laughter through out the house.

Around Here I am constantly thinking about my sister and the pain she must be going thru watching her son go thru all the awful things one with Leukemia has to go thru. My heart is constantly breaking for her, for him, for their family, for all of my family. You  never know how something like Cancer will change your life until someone very close to you is diagnosed with it. I have seen Carter’s diagnosis change my sister and her family of course, but I have also seen how it has effected my girls: especially Riley. Her and Carter are very close. My parents…I see the hurt in their eyes knowing that their girl and grandson are hurting both physically and emotionally. It has made us a closer, stronger family, but what I wouldn’t give for it to have never found its way into my sweet nephews body. Cancer sucks big time.

Around Here I am ready to get Christmas down and start the new year fresh. Yep, it is still up at our house. Need more hours in the day!

Around Here I am enjoying watching Kiefer’s imagination explode. I don’t know if it is because he is an only child half the time, because he is a boy or if it is just his personality, but his imagination is endless. So fun to watch and be a part of!

Around Here I am love that my girls both use their phones daily to call and/or text me when they are at their Dad’s. It makes my heart so happy to hear from them each day.

Around Here I am feeling so blessed to have a husband that is all about helping me. I am truly blessed that to have someone who gets me. Who wants to be a part of everything I do.

Around Here I am thinking about purging big time. Everywhere. Less is more? This is a big undertaking, but one that needs to be done. I am thinking a little each day won’t be so overwhelming.